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100% Australian Beef Liver

Our 100% Australian Beef Liver is made from the highest quality grass fed beef. It is then sliced into the perfect thickness which maintains shape until it is time to eat. These tasty sheets are great for all uses and pets love them.

Nutrients found in Australian Beef Liver include:
High in protein and amino acids
Rich in Vitamin A, all the B vitamins
Source of Iron and Copper

Our exclusive process used for our 100% Australian Beef Liver locks in the nutrients for your pet to enjoy. While maintaining an optimal texture and taste.

Healthy to enjoy in moderation, although we know your cats and dogs will be wanting more.

Min weight 100g, in 100g increments

All our Simple Nibbles Pet Treats are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, salt, sugar or fillers. Just as nature intended. You will notice the difference as our treats smell fresh, have a great texture and pets love them. Which is all thanks to our process that uses very low temperatures as drying takes place, preserving the flavours, odours and goodness.

This means that ALL our treats are suitable for cats and dogs. We recommend feeding a balanced diet, treats in moderation and always having fresh water readily available for our pets.